“Stranger”, Becomes Familiar

The last time I went to Canes’, Junior Reid, formerly of Black Uhuru performed in front of a sold out crowd.

Stranger Performing at Canes' Bar and Grill

Stranger Performing at Canes' Bar and Grill

Stranger not only equaled the capacity, but brought stronger vibes. They are no stranger to San Diego as most of the crowd was singing to most songs that were performed.

The band has seven members, Nolan Clark (drums), Daniel Montgomery (guitar), David Ornelas (lead vocals), Arthur Tilley (bass), Ian A. Young (keyboards), Aaron Hudson (saxophone) and Don Carter (trombone and not present).

Daniel Montgomery said their music is “a soulful, reggae, mixture,” when asked to describe their music. Wanting to be different, they classify their music as “Soul Cal” reggae fusion, differentiating themselves with from the genre “SoCal,” which is associated with Sublime.

I heard the difference. One moment a roots rhythm was playing and soon you’d hear the sax blend in seamlessly. The music was great and Ornelas vocals were melodic and in pitch, perfectly with each song.

When asked why the name “Stranger,” Ornelas said, “being different stuck out…or maybe not.”

Watch as Stranger performs “My Angel.”

Mz. Jackson

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