About Mz. Jackson

MzJacksonMz. Jackson lives in San Diego and has a son named Christian.  She attends National University and is working towards a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism. She was Senior News Assistant for the Night&Day magazine at the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Mz. Jackson has been surrounded by the sounds of reggae music since she was a little girl. Listening to her brother Marvin playing Steel Pulse’s “Stepping Out,” she became an instant fan of roots and ska reggae.

In the early 90s, dancehall reggae spread throughout the world with dee-jays like Buju Banton, Shabba Ranks and Ninjaman.

Fidelity Hall was the only place where dancehall reggae was played and the underaged Mz. Jackson, used to sneak into it to hear the music. Although the music was in Jamaican Patois, it wasn’t long before she could understand and sing the songs.

Her favorite reggae artist is Buju Banton, because of his politically poetic lyrics that are paired with his hoarse-like powerful voice, to create inspiring songs such as “Untold Stories.”

She loves all genres of reggae, but lovers rock is what she mostly listens to. Beres Hammond, Cocoa Tea and Alaine are a few of her favorite lovers rock artists.

You can catch Mz. Jackson usually at the Roundtable on Saturdays, listening to Destiny Roots spin the latest roots, soca, dancehall and lovers rock reggae.



  1. cool site. thanx for spreading reggae in san diego! nuff love!

  2. thanks for this posting. its totally awesome!!!

    • mzjackson93 Said:

      Respect, Selector!

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