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Baton keeping an “Optimistic Soul”

Gargamel, Inc. releases Grammy nominated Buju Banton’s  video “Optimistic Soul” and the digital version of “Rasta Got Soul” this week.

“This is Buju Banton,” Mr. Mention’s official blog, is where the video first launched on Monday.

The video, directed by Zach Wolfe, captured Banton’s during the “Rasta Got Soul” tour and while relaxing on his tour bus and in his hotel room.

Banton explores poverty, politics and life during the video, questioning whether he’s too concerned of the world’s problems.

He says, I wanna break free but I feel trapped / A voice inside me say don’t stop.

The irony of these lyrics while Banton is incarcerated for an alleged drug deal, is quite uncanny.

Mz. Jackson